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Teaching & Coaching 

Have you ever wanted to write?   

Are you a writer looking for a coach?

I believe we each have a story to tell, that we all have an innate creativity.  Whether you want to write for yourself, your family, or for publication, I love to help people begin or continue their writing journey. Everyone has their own voice; and I want you to write, not like anyone else, but as only you can. 

I would be honored to be a part of your writing journey!


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My starting point in coaching is that it is your writing. It's not mine. Whether you need prompts for writing or coaching to complete your project - a memoir, an essay, short story, or novel, whatever you want to write - I am here to write with you, coach you, edit and, most importantly, be in your corner.

My job is to help you make your work be its best. You make the final decisions of what you want your writing to be.


Janet is an accomplished poet and experienced teacher and is a master at getting teens to loosen up and express themselves in writing.  The interaction with other kids on Zoom is especially fun and inspiring.  (LF)

Aside from being a gifted writer, Janet is an excellent writing teacher.  I appreciate her and how much she has motivated me with my memoir writing. (JJ) 

If you’re looking for a supportive, creative, safe space to write your memoir, Janet’s is the workshop to take!  (GQ)

Looking forward to taking another writing class with  you!  (LF)

Janet is the most amazing writing coach. Encouraging and demanding, she drove me mad to stretch my writing abilities to their limits. (Larry Gould, The Making of Mister Irresistible)  

You're amazing! In your workshop,

I love how you open people up and get them sharing." (SY)


     Your blog on failing was an exercise in           humility. It's a very nice lesson. (AG)

I thoroughly enjoyed your classes and am grateful for your helping me learn to write from my heart and soul directly to the page with only my pen in between. It has changed the way I will continue to write my life's story.  You are a great teacher. (RP)

Based on your workshop, my sister-in-law and I have started writing exchanges. We write about subjects from our own perspectives and learn so much about each other. (JD)

Private Coaching

I was most recently a writing coach and editor on a memoir

and am currently coaching on and editing a teen novel. 


I teach privately and in workshops for teens and adults

Please contact me to find the best option for you.

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